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Psycho bird


★ the wrong side ★

in rant we trust

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The wrong side [doll post]
Psycho bird
[all the dolls]
• the wrong side •

Stephanus du Welvenwarden [Dollshe Fashion Grant Phillippe] ♥ hate
○ Face-up by ///

Pazuzu [Iplehouse Violet] ♥ cruelty
○ Face-up by Pearls of Danube

Allegra van Malinckrodt 3.o [Unoa ES Belia] ♥ rage
○ Face-up by estebebe

Chad van Malinckrodt 3.o [Souldoll Vito Jang/Iplehouse JID Model body] ♥ sorrow
○ Face-up by Angeltoast

Khaled [Fairyland Chicline Breakaway] ♥ sanity
○ Face-up by Hearts_Murmur

Kimete [Fairyland Chicline Ruru] ♥ sin
○ Face-up by Xhanti

baby!Kimete [Fairyland Chicline Ruru] ♥ sin
○ Face-up by the-sinister

Varekai [Limwha Limho Mono tan] ♥ mighty killer
○ Face-up by MayYeo

Rajko [Limwha Limho Mono tan] ♥
○ Face-up by Dr. Krow

Rhys Paganini [Angelheim Luka the Pan/Limwha Limho Mono upper body/LUTS Bory centaur lower body] ♥ guide through hallucination
○ Face-up by Hitomifrens / Blushing by Ara*

Grisha Potemkin [Iplehouse Ryan/LUTS Berry Centaur lower body] ♥
○ Moddings by Dr. Krow / Blushing by Ara* / Face-up by AnMoony

Hiltja [Alchemic Labo Unoa Chibi Lilin Cool] ♥
○ Face-up by Kesha

Kabira [Fairyland MNF D.Marcia] ♥
○ Face-up by Darjeeling Aesthetics

Theodore [Fairyland LTF Lewi] ♥
○ Face-up by La Coterie de Luna

Harbinger [Fairyland LTF Soso] ♥
○ Face-up by ///

Grendel [Unoa ES Ange Decadent] ♥ nightmare
○ Face-up by Lynsey

• Blythes •

Claudia [Blythe Custom] ♥ vampire smile
○ Custom by unknown

Edward 'Eddie' [Blythe Simply Love Me Custom] ♥
○ Carving by MGStoic/Face-up by Angeltoast

Cassiopeia 'Cassie' [Blythe Simply Lilac Custom] ♥ bubblegum witch
○ Custom by Ara*

Bronn [Blythe PD Aubrey Custom] ♥
○ Custom by gabriel/lightlybattered

Talia [Blythe Manuaheli'i Paradise Girl Custom] ♥ howl at the moon
○ Carving by MGStoic || Face-up by Chien

Ravenna [Blythe Heather Sky Custom] ♥
○ Carving by MGStoic || Face-up by Korone

Tiberius [Blythe Cinnamon Girl Custom] ♥
○ Carving by rainbowcoton || Face-up by Pearls of Danube

Cosette [Blythe Miss Sally Rice Custom] ♥
○ Custom by Carving by MG Stoic || Face-up by Ara*

Alkyone [Blythe Cousin Olivia Custom] ♥
○ Custom by nolluska

Indira [Blythe Roxy Baby Custom] ♥
○ Carving by Karin's Dolls || Face-up by Koala Krash

Jemma [Blythe Sunshine Holiday Custom] ♥ bang bang
○ Moddings by IMREAL || Face-up by kayke

Domovoi [Blythe Good Neighbor Café Custom] ♥ troll boy
○ Custom by Dr. Krow

Vivienne [Blythe Cherry Beach Sunset] ♥
○ Carving by Julia Cabral Dolls || Face-up by Lynsey/BANGARANG

• visitors •

Nikolaj [Iplehouse Luo] ♥ algid russian
○ Face-up by pepper
belongs to my Mother

Piotr [Iplehouse Giorgio] ♥ dreamer
○ Face-up by MayYeo
belongs to my Mother

Nadéshda [Elfdoll Smiling Soah] ♥ smile
○ Face-up by propertyoftheuchiha
belongs to my Mother

Grendel [Unidoll Ark] ♥ grump
○ Face-up by ///
belongs to my Mother

Alessa [Soom Ai] ♥ just here for the cute
○ Face-up by Limë
belongs to my Grandma

• past dolls •

Allegra van Malinckrodt 1.o [DZ Lola] || Elias [DZ Baby D] || Aracelis [DZ Clovera] || Yuki [Luts Wintery 09/FDoll] || Tyr [SM Chrom] || XY [ID Amy] || Hraban [DZ Shuang] || Aleksander Arquette 1.o [DiM MNM Johnny Weir] || Chad Okon 1.o [IH Ryan] || Prudence de Belachur 1.o [AiL Aya] || Hime/Jannali [CB Marisol 1st Vers.] || Alessa 1.o [FL PKF Cupid] || XY [Unoa Bully] || Hektor van Malinckrodt 1.o [Unoa Lusis Madoromi/MNF] || Grendel [Unoa Akubi/Ariadoll] || Desiderius [Unoa Lusis Winking] || XY [MNF Rheia] || Dorian Mayfield [Luts Soony Mod.] || Hektor van Malinckrodt 1.5 [Unoa Lusis Madoromi Mod.] || Piper [SWITCH Vian] || Aleksander Arquette 2.o [MNF El Sleeping Mod.] || Sadim [WI Juwel HOE] || Cimorene [MNF Breakaway OE] || XY [LM Leda]
|| Phyllis van der Steen [DiM Laia/Ariadoll] || Micheletto Corella [MNF Breakaway Sp. Mod.] || Maude Okon [Supia Minisup Yisol] || Alix Romanowa [Dollzone Mo Mod.] || Prudence de Belachur 2.o [MNF D.Marcia] || Allegra van Malinckrodt 2.o [Unoa Lusis] || Wulff [Narin²] || Harbinger [Dollzone Choco] || Phineas van der Steen [Dollzone Hal] || Harbinger/Mistress Spider [DollinMind Miso/DollChateau Spider body] || Nubia [FreakStyleBJD Salomé] || XY [Iplehouse Lisa Vampire] || Cromwell [La Compagnie des Radis Raclette] || Prudence de Belachur 3.o [LUTS MNF Lishe tan]

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