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Psycho bird


★ the wrong side ★

in rant we trust

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[sticky post]Friends only
Psycho bird

If you want me to add you, leave acoment and tell me simply who you are and maybe where you found me
(DA? DoA? Flickr In your ashtray? Anywhere else?)
Thank you ~

If you are just here to get some more informations about my doll characters
the wrong side || the wrong side - spin off

As for the people I've added out of the blue:
You are most likely writing for any of the fandoms I like and LJ is an easy way to keep myself updated.
You won't be able to see the doll pictures (who are no sex dolls but collectors items like Barbies if you were concerned) as you are placed in the "Non-Doll/Real-life friends"-filter by default.

There are now custom user groups.

Dolls only:
Is the default one you'll get tossed in
Rant included:
Includes me wanking 'bout dolls and rl - mention if you want to be added but don't whine if I don't agree with you in my ranting.
Non-Doll/Real-life friends
For people wo added me because of other reasons and whom I don't want to disturb with dolls. On the f-list. Daily.

Writing Woes
My writing [OC, fanfics] - mainly English, sometimes German

- I'm whining, bitching and cursing like drunken sailor
- I talk about my dolls
- I also talk about my life
- but mostly I talk about drama
srsly, I'm an uncrowned drama bird

write mainly in english and if something is written in german, there's mostly a translation attached

If I occasionally refer to myself as "bird" it's not some horrible furry gag, just simply a shortened version of my username.
"Bird" means "Vogel" in german, the literal translation of my name "RoterWolkenVogel" is "RedCloudsBird".
Bear with me, I'm already too used to abuse that nickname :B

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chrm, crhm, ich glaube du weißt wer ich bin xD'

Selbst wenn ichs vom Namen her nicht wüsste ... Judas erkenn ich überall xD

:) I was your TGT Swap partner heh, and also a dA friend lol

Nice to see you here too <3

I've seen you on DA and would love to be added!

Saw some of your photos in the Unoa discussion tread on DoA (DoA user = ladynarutochan)Please add me ! O.o
*dance like Severus and his glee club XD*

(Deleted comment)
Ein neues Gesicht im TO-Fandom :D
Und dann auch noch jemand, der vielleicht noch ein paar FF's mit auf den Haufen werden kann ; ) Und HP-FF's les ich sowieso gerne^^

*hust* Ich dachte mir ich sollte mich überwinden und mich vorstellen XD
Ich denke HP ist fast schon ein universelles Fandom, jeder hat zumindest schon eine FF davon gelesen :3

Hey Kuroki aus dem Dolli hier :3
würd mich übers adden freuen <3

Hab dich geaddet :3
(erstmal dolls only, sag Bescheid wenn du rant mitdazuhaben willst xD)

(Deleted comment)
Totally added you xD
(and I fully remember your nick from flickr ;p)

I found the link to this on your Flickr. I'd love to be your LJ friend. :) I'm sorta curious to see what you rant about, so could I be on that filter in addition to the dolls one?

Added you :D The rant filter is a bit quiet nowadays but there's some older rant readily avaiable ;)

Hi :)

I am friends/follower with you/of your Flickr and I also know you from DoA :) I would love to be friends! I am active on DoA and Flickr, but I am trying to get my Livejournal friends to where I can go and enjoy things on here as well :) I didn't know you had a LJ, so I am excited! :D As far as rants and doll related things, I wouldn't mind seeing it all :) I enjoy some good rants/whines/complaints so I know I won't be alone lol


ooh I think I got my LUTS Bory Unicorn body from you XD Also added you :3 Happy to have some more active people on my flist^^

Hi, came here from DoA. ^^ Your dolls are gorgeous and what I've seen of your photography is amazing too. Hope you can add me back!

ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch. <-- still learning though. ^^;

And added you ;)

I also have mad respect of everyone who tackles learning German! If it weren't for the fact it's my mother tongue I'd stay far away of it cause the Grammar makes me cry xD

Hello! I found you on DoA. I would like it if we could add each other. Your dolls and photography are lovely!

I'm trying to figure out how I've not asked to be added before this. *facepalm* Anyway, I'm Osaka on DoA.

Ha, welcome however belatedly ;)

Huhu ^^ Ich hab' dich in der Tatort-Community gesehen und liebe deinen Usernamen (BIRDS FOREVER!!), die Dolls finde ich auch interessant (ich hatte mal eine Freundin, die auch Dollfies hatte) - kurz gesagt, darf ich dich adden? :)

Haha na klar darfst du! Hab dich jetzt schonmal geadded xD

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