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[Munich] 3rd August 2013
Psycho bird
Khell, febo, Isi et moi

Westpark, Munich

[Munich] 3rd August 2013
Iple Pixie Dorothy - so much sexy vibes for such a small doll xD
[+ 19]

MNF Ruth! Looks a lot better irl than on the pics.

I wuv me some Blythe ;u;

Ex-Pru now Nat in an awesome selfmade top by Khell <3

Madrugada, Soom Romantic Dillui - soooo frilly

Soom Lila - she was so adorbs!

Rhys channeling his inner sailor girl

ALL THE AZONES - sadly only one is mine /sadface

Claudia got tired


Well Rhys, didn't knew you had it in you /ahem

All of our dolls - such a pwetty pwetty group


Well, beer and a pretzel - I guess it took place in Munich XP

fltr: febo, Isi and Khell

febo our awesome photographer who knew no fear!

And then we had to wait for the subway and did some pictars cause reasonssss


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